Dealers Share the Value-Added Benefits of Automotive Development Group

Steve Johnson:
Small Town, Big Impact

Peter Hasselquist:
The ADG Partnership

Kelly Webb:
Why ADG is a Better Fit

Shields Automart of Paxton, Inc.

Just a quick note to say thank you for the access to the training videos on ADG Training! I found each of them to be a great recap of what we cover with the in-person training you provide. The format in which you have them laid out is great for taking a quick training moment each day. I look forward to more! Thanks again for everything ADG does to make me, and Shields Automart, more successful!
–Rich Wentz
Shields Automart of Paxton, Inc.

Thomas Auto Group

I own a Nissan dealership in Joliet, Illinois. My dealership has been profitable and has strong fixed operations results; however, we lagged in market share and my CSI numbers were not acceptable to me or Nissan. It became clear that if I didn’t make a strong move, the future profitability of this dealership and my ability to purchase new dealerships would be in doubt.

In November 2011, I hired Automotive Development Group to assist me with converting this dealership to a negotiation free One Price selling process. ADG helped me step by step to orchestrate this major overhaul of my business. After a month of preparation, including marketing strategy, pay plans, sales process training modules and more, ADG and I launched the One Price process in December of 2011. After one full year the stores business is up 32% and our CSI is on the rise!

The conversion was more complex than I had initially envisioned, but with the help of ADG we have changed the culture of the dealership and are on a path for long-term sustainable profitability. If you want results and the professionalism that comes from experience, I strongly recommend ADG.

–James Thomas
Thomas Auto Group

Arrow Buick GMC

We switched all of our F&I products over to Automotive Development Group in April of 2012.

Since then, we have seen a dramatic increase in our finance numbers. Automotive Development Group provides exceptional training and support. All of the products that they offer are the very best in the industry and our customers, as well as our employees, absolutely love them.

The expertise that ADG brings to the table with regards to reinsurance has allowed us to create a very profitable reinsurance company and we know that it is being managed by the best in the business.

I strongly endorse Automotive Development Group and would encourage and highly recommend any dealership, no matter what brand, to seriously consider partnering with them.
–Scott Reid
Arrow Buick GMC

Holt Motors

We’ve been doing business with ADG for more than a year and are extremely pleased with the amount of support and service we are receiving from them.

Holt Motors has been in the business for over 62 years. I have been in the car business for 15 years and have been solicited by just about every company. Ever since we have made the decision to partner with ADG, we have made strides in our finance department. ADG has been a true partner and continues to be. As a matter of fact, the folks from ADG helped us to completely revamp our F&I department and our production is up 300%!!!

They are helping us with the process design and implementation in other areas of the dealership, as well as assisting with the recruiting and training. ADG has truly become our partner and we highly recommend them.

–Marc Keith
Holt Motors

Jay Malone Motors

It is rare to find a vendor that you can think of as a partner. In my twenty plus years in the business, I have never met such a person, until I met tony Troussov from Automotive Development Group. My previous F&I providers, including factory providers, added little to no value to my overall business. Tony has trained my sales people, assisted my managers and guided me to make the right decisions about non F&I issues. If you receive little or no assistance form your F&I providers and are ready for great results, give Tony Troussov at ADG a call. I highly recommend him.

–Jay Malone
Jay Malone Motors