Being a car dealer has never been easy.

It’s always been capital intensive and required a huge investment in people, but the automotive industry has never been more challenging for a dealer than it is today.

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You have an ever more sophisticated and demanding consumer. There is a continuously changing technology landscape, huge factory pressure for volume, customer satisfaction and now service retention.

Dealers also face compressed margins on new and used cars, the rapid reduction of warranty work in the service departments and increasing regulation and compliance requirements throughout the dealership.

At some point it just isn’t practical for a dealer to be an expert on everything and by definition dealers can’t focus on everything. On top of all the risks that dealer take, if they do a good job, they are rewarded with razor thin returns on their investment.

Automotive Development Group allows a dealer to do several things that address this challenging environment:

  • Proactive training for Sales, F&I and Service – driving progressive results with processes designed for today consumer. How much better could your dealership perform if you had professional on-going training in these key departments?
  • Compliance training and monitoring so your people not only know what the right thing to do it but you have documentable proof that training is taking place in your dealership.
  • Developing wealth outside of the dealership. We have the expertise to build huge amounts of cash for our dealers. Regardless of what your long-term goals are we have a program for you.
  • Service retention strategies to make sure that your customers keep coming back.

ADG client dealers don’t write checks. Instead they leverage the products that they sell and are provided all of these services as part of the value added benefits of choosing ADG as their F&I provider.