Why should a customer buy from your dealership vs. your competitor?

Dealerships are looking for ways to set themselves apart from their competition.

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They need something that makes them unique and gives them a competitive advantage in selling vehicles. Today’s consumer expects more and the dealer who can present an overall buying experience coupled with a value package that stands out will sell more cars and generate more gross profit.

Increasingly, dealers are realizing that while margins continue to be compressed and pressure for market share increases it’s more important to stand out from the crowd. Over the last 15 years car dealers have dramatically improved how they take care of customers, there simply aren’t many bad guy dealers left. If a dealer wants to stand out from the crowd being the good guy dealer isn’t enough.

At Automotive Development Group we’ve assisted dozens of dealers in creating a unique buying proposition for their customers.

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Done properly, a Why Buy Here package will incorporate:

  • Products and services with real perceived value to consumers
  • Perceived value that far exceeds actual cost
  • An implementation and training plan to ingrain the Why Buy Here into the dealerships culture ensuring its success in driving sales results.
  • Retention components that drive your customers back to your dealership for service and their next vehicle.

ADG has a proven process for building and implementing a customized Why Buy Here for dealerships.