ADG’s Dealership Development

It can be challenging for multi-location dealership groups to consistently follow critical practices at all locations. Critical practices have an impact on many areas, from the customer experience to dealership profitability to risk exposures such as employment practices, regulatory requirements and litigation.

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Having a well-designed game plan that is followed consistently throughout your organization will pay you rewards time and time again. If you add measurement and automated reporting to a consistently followed game plan, your group will steadily outperform the competition.

How does ADG work with you on Mission Critical Practices? We combine what we know is going on nationally in the industry with the best of your people and methods to develop a customized game plan for each of your mission critical processes. After the game plans (or processes) are developed, we help you implement them with built-in controls to make sure they are taught, followed, measured and ultimately become part of your broader business culture.

The ultimate payoff of this approach is extraordinary value creation through revenue enhancement, insurance cost reduction, business risk reduction and a fabulous customer experience. The best part is that because this was achieved with proven, systematic approach (versus a reliance on working harder) you can expect the results to be sustainable.

When you think of working with ADG, expect a boutique experience, not “Big Box” shopping. The broad expanse of ADG’s expertise allows us to offer you the widest combination of services, delivered in the most rewarding way possible. These services are selected by you depending on your area of need and interest.

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They include:

  • Compliance tools and best practices
  • F&I Coaching, education and performance enhancement
  • Identifying and implementing income participation opportunities
  • Dealership group performance evaluation and recommendations
  • Customer retention growth opportunities
  • Assistance with cash flow techniques and capital utilization
  • Dealership acquisition optimization
  • Property, income and estate tax reduction and deferment
  • Insurance cost reduction and loss prevention
  • Mission critical practices accountability
  • Dealership professional services
  • Wealth development
  • Wealth preservation and transfer

Our products and services are what make us different from other firms. Simply stated, we have more to offer. Yes, the products we offer will enhance vehicle value for the consumer, while supplementing profits for you. But to really take your business to the next level, and keep it there (or growing) you’ve got to examine your other business practices too. ADG’s combination of products and services will help advance your business in ways you may have never considered.

Everyone at ADG comes with some sort of automotive background representing a wide variety of roles and experiences. What that means to you is that we have broad and deep expertise in what it takes to enhance your profitability. We’ve been around for a long time (our leadership team averages 20 years in the industry.) So the person you develop your relationship with at ADG will be there next month, next year and beyond.

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That makes us, well, almost boringly stable. But we’re not stuck in the past. We’ve seen this industry change, we’re excited to be leaders in its evolution and look forward to creating new methods and strategies. Said quite frankly, if you’re happy with the status quo, you’re probably not a good fit for ADG.

What makes ADG different is how quickly we respond to change and new challenges (remember that roller coaster ride?). Think of us as fighter jets. We go where we’re needed, solve the problem and then prepare for the next mission. We aren’t the behemoth aircraft carrier that takes a long time to get turned around – we’re precise, nimble and ready for the next opportunity.

Our structure also means we’re accessible to our clients. That’s intentional. We know our clients. As an ADG client, you have direct access to and relationships with the executive management team.

Proactive Development System utilizes a structured approach and technology enhance dealership performance. PDS drives business performance improvement by systematically analyzing a set of current performance criteria and dealership processes. From this analysis of 150 data points, the PDS calculator tool establishes priorities and a game plan that includes specific steps for optimizing business performance.

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Even with our wide range of experience and perspectives, each team member has two really important things in common. We work hard for you, and we operate with integrity. Period.