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3 Ways to Improve Online Training for Millennials

According to some predictions by 2025, 75% of the US workforce will consist of millennials. This shift in employee population requires new approach and method to training and development. Corporations are scrambling to figure out how to cater training to this younger population, who grew up with technology and the internet. The easy access to the abundance of information and societal changes created a different type of learner. Millennials are curious in nature. They are eager to discover what will help them advance to the next level of their gamified life. Information overload is not part of this generation’s vocabulary. Their ADHD will keep them away from that. It is no wonder that they are prone to changing tasks as some say up to 27 times per minute. Good luck trying to keep their attention with a 27-minute e-learning module made with PowerPoint slides. Oh, they see value in training and really want it, but they want to learn on their terms. To get an edge over the competition, your training has to stand out. It must meet the demands of the new generation of employees/learners. There are multiple things to consider when you are looking to create or modify your current training offering, here are three ways to turbo charge your online training.

Content is King – first things first the content of your training has to be relevant. The training material must be fresh and applicable to learner’s job. Millennials are picky about the information they choose to absorb. If it is too boring they will be switching to snapchat. Well, they might be switching anyway. Help them connect the dots and identify their “why?” for training. Your message must provide them with enough information upfront to get them invested into learning new skills. Allow learners to move freely within the content and pick their own journey. Most importantly make content palatable, which brings us to the next point – the length of training modules.

Keep it Short – with all the distractions a learner faces, utilizing short “snackable” training modules will help keep their attention and engagement up. The days of 17-minute training videos are over. Sorry HR. Your training platform may not be the YouTube, and you may not be using its analytics or core metrics approach measuring success, but, learner engagement must be on the top of your priorities. To keep your employees engaged with learning, focus on short and impactful training modules that are under five minutes in length, 2-3 minutes are best. So go ahead and break down that 17 minute VHS module into five palatable portions.

Finally Technology – make sure you utilize current technology. Stay away from the PowerPoint videos or slides that seem outdated to most users. Make sure you use a responsive website to format it to mobile access. It is 2016 after all. Mobile on-demand training is expected from this “selfie” generation. Easy access and ability to play and replay your training modules will go far with millennial learners.

To sum up – new learners are here and there will be more of them coming. Improve the effectiveness of your online training platform by developing a short killer content that is served up on the newest technology available.

by Tony Troussov