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Monthly Goal = Daily Focus

Have you ever had a month where there seemingly weren’t enough days to hit your target? Can you imagine a professional golfer muttering to himself in frustration “I shot  72 and still have 4 holes to play.”  If you have felt this or can imagine what it must feel like, this article is for you.

In today’s competitive, customer friendly environment, setting a goal or having the appropriate expectation is paramount to the profitability of your stores. This naturally leads to an important starting point: how do you set a goal, and how do you ensure that you will reach your goal? While setting a goal may seem simple or unnecessary, it is the daily focus and discipline that having a goal provides that makes goal-setting a valuable tool-it focuses you on the very things that are within your power to control and provides a clear benchmark when you are not progressing towards your goal.

How do you set a meaningful goal? There are three critical steps. First, goal-setting should be done in a collaborative fashion with the management team. This participation will at once allow the management team to take ownership of the goal so that everyone will understand what he/she is responsible for and will go a long way to prevent the goal from becoming arbitrary or theoretical. This is a very intuitive point, and this concept is similar to someone who is trying to lose weight without even knowing his own weight.  One practical, useful way to begin goal-setting would be to take a look at the ADG Top 30 Report because this will give you an idea of what the top performing stores are producing.

Second, you need to track your production. Some of the tools you will use to do this include the manual logs, vision menu reporting, or perhaps your own measurement tool, such as an excel spreadsheet. Whatever your flavor is, make it easy to measure; you do not want to have onerous hurdles or mental pushups involved in your calculations.

Third, have your ADG District Manager show you the spread of business needed using the Calculator that we have developed. Think of us as a resource; we’ve spent time to make this an easier process for you because we do not want you to wear out your pencils and fingers with your phone calculator.

Now that we have a target, let’s get to the fun stuff!  Here is the list of Daily Actions to ensure you meet your goal/expectation:

1) Hold a morning “Huddle” where the management team gathers for 15 minutes reviewing the prior days deals, negotiations, and follow-up. Be specific on how the deals and menus were presented to the customers. Ask yourself: did your store use the standards you set?

2) Review where you are in comparison to your goal. After reviewing your expectations, ask yourself where are you trending, and (if you are not on your goal pace) what is needed to get back on track?

3) Warmup with your presentation; develop good habits. Do this by practicing your Menu and Objection handling techniques, prior to a customer coming in with you. Review the ADG Online Training site to assist in sharpening the saw. Having a world class presentation is paramount in today’s business environment.

4) Be active and available. Conduct regular flybys with the customers to break the ice.

5) Focus on the customer in front of you. This may be your only opportunity of the day, so make sure they get your best.

6) Finally, close out the day. Before you go home, calculate where you are for the month. Celebrate the victories and contemplate the defeats. Get prepared for tomorrow’s ‘huddle’.

If you follow the 6 steps outlined, you will be on your way to success.


by Francis Fagan

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